I really wish I could drink, but I’m not going to drink because I can’t control it when I do, but I wish I could join in the fun.” So, it’s not the strong force of will of conviction. But I remember sitting at that table and all my friends took a shot at tequila. The sun came up the https://ecosoberhouse.com/ next morning and I felt good. I probably felt much better than they did. I don’t want to be that guy, tell people about my life story, unless they really want to know, in which case they’re one of my close friends and I wouldn’t be telling them that at some public social event.

It’s just not something that people hear about too much because for whatever reason, those people that are able to do that, they’re not writing. There’s not blogs about it and stuff for the most part. Usually all the recovery companies and blogs and YouTube channels and everything, it’s usually ones that are mostly abstinence based or even all abstinence based. So, one thing that people can do is whether you want to quit drinking long term, forever, one day at a time, or just take a break from drinking alcohol, then you want to do that incognito more inconspicuously. You want to be a non-drinker and you want to also go hang out with people and do things where people are drinking, but you want to be incognito about it.

Benefits when you abstain from drinking

So, commonly, not only was I at events and places where everyone else was drinking, but I would commonly get asked questions. Well, if you’re not drinking alcohol, what are you drinking? Why aren’t you drinking alcohol, are you an alcoholic? So, it was like put me into these high risk, also uncomfortable situations.

how to take a break from drinking

And then just, we’re so used to thinking like, oh, it’s because I don’t have the drink yet. Like, the waiter hasn’t come with my order. Instead of looking and seeing like, so often, for me, the block was not the alcohol, the block was like, where my brain loves to hang out. And my brain loves to hang out in some like shitty places of like, everything I did wrong, how to take a break from drinking you know, two minutes earlier, or two years earlier, everything that I had on my plate and had to get done, you know, in the next five minutes are the next five years. Like, I wasn’t very good at just like being in the present moment and allowing myself to be there and enjoy it. I was off hanging out, you know, in the negative past and the negative future.

The 5 Secrets To Successfully Take A Break From Drinking

So, don’t do things multiple days in a row. Don’t do things on the same day of every week because it could spill over. It’s like every Wednesday, I’m going to get high on kratom and phenibut.

how to take a break from drinking

The course includes the exact step by step coaching framework I work through with my private coaching clients, but at a much more affordable price than one on one coaching. And the sobriety starter kit is ready, waiting and available to support you anytime you need it. You don’t need to work your life around group meetings or classes at a specific day or time.

Questioning Your Relationship with Alcohol? Here’s What to Do Next

People trying to quit who have social support are more likely to reduce their drinking. No matter your situation, Dr. Das emphasizes the power of enlisting help as you embark on a life sans booze. Your support system might look like some combination of loved ones, evidence-based methods of changing your habits, and medical providers (particularly those you might already see, like a primary care physician, psychiatrist, or therapist). I order a mocktail when I meet people for drinks because it feels good to sip a drink that has an air of indulgence to it. The action also helps reduce any worry of being interrogated by strangers about why I’m not drinking (it happens all too often) because mocktails look just like cocktails.

how to take a break from drinking

And that can make such a huge transformation. And then what the end result is, of course, the end result is the decisions you’re making around drinking. One is that yes, it is the practice of learning how to not just want, once you spot those kind of like unconscious thoughts that are fueling the habit of yeah, you want to start to shift them, but not in the way that most people think, right? Like, most people think like, oh, I have to shift them.

It can also help to keep track of what triggers your desire to drink and then plan how to change your response. Irina Gonzalez is the Content Marketing Manager at Tempest, a digital membership program that empowers you to quit drinking and live alcohol-free. She is also a freelance writer covering parenting, recovery, and Latinx culture and the creator of the Pandemic Mama podcast. Her work has appeared in over 50 publications, including The Washington Post, O! She is a new resident of Denver, where she lives with her husband, spunky toddler, and their fur babies. You can find more of her work on her portfolio site or by following her on Instagram.

Arrive there on a satisfied stomach with a nice healthy meal of proteins, fat, and carbs. You could bring some capsules of glutamine in your pocket. You just pop the capsule open underneath your tongue and let that dissolve while you’re there. Another thing you could do is bring liquid L-theanine, put that in your pocket or purse.

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